Locations and equipment

SKM Stainless’s production site is in Leppävirta in Northern Savonia. Our main industrial hall and pickling hall are large enough to manufacture even larger assemblies. The maximum size of the products we offer is often dependent on transportation routes or the conditions at the site where they are to be installed. The size of the workshop allows for the manufacturing of even larger equipment.

Production site

  • Area 6000 m²
  • Hook height 11 m
  • Maximum lift capacity 60 ton
  • Main door 12 x 12 m
  • Spray pickling hall 21 x 8 m
  • Cold storage 1000 m²


Cutting and singeing machines:

  • Guillotine cutter 6000 mm (max 15 mm thickness)
  • High precision plasma cutter 2500 x 6500 mm (max 40 mm thickness)
  • Automated storage and retrieval system 35 000 kg
  • Band saw
  • Contour band saw

Sheet metal machines:

  • Sheet metal folding machine F 400 tn
  • Several mangles (wt 15 mm, max. 6 m)
  • Plate rolling machine
  • Profile bending machine 6 m
  • Machining equipment:
  • Angle cutting machinery for plates
  • Two lathes
  • Radial drill press
  • Surface polishing machine for solid-of-revolution pieces

Welding machines:

  • Welding fixture with plasma current
  • Column and boom with plasma- and submerged arc welding current
  • Flat welding with submerged arc welder current
  • Orbital welder for pipes
  • Personal welding machines

Welding methods

  • MIG / MAG
  • TIG
  • SAW
  • Plasma welding
  • Orbital


  • Stainless, acid-proof, duplex, SMO, titanium and other special materials
  • Over 100 tons of material available in storage

Inspections and tests

  • Visual examination
  • Dimensional and dimensioning checks
  • Liquid penetrant testing
  • Radiographic examination
  • Hydrostatic testing and leak tests