SKM Stainless offers maintenance services for stainless steel assemblies, as well as for industrial equipment and parts made out of carbon steel at construction sites.

Piping contracting

Aside from prefabricating industrial piping we also offer piping contracting. We offer contracting for industrial piping installation in both new sites as well as service and maintenance at established sites.

Annual repairs and maintenance outages

We offer annual repair services for the industry and other maintenance work during outages in Finland and the Nordic countries.


Boiler plants

We offer servicing, maintenance and alteration work for boiler plants regardless of material. Aside from stainless steel, typical materials are P235GH, 16Mo3 and high temperature structural steels of types 13CrMo45 and 10CrMo9-10. Typical products include economizers, air preheaters, superheaters and membrane walls.

Service and maintenance

Aside from annual repairs and maintenance outages we can also be called in for sudden maintenance needs as they occur. No matter what needs servicing, our experienced maintenance team is ready to respond to the needs of different industries and projects of different sizes.

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